Library Use Policy

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Library Use Policy

Vas Gereben Library Use Policy

1. Conditions

1. Our services are available for all citizens – locals and foreigners alike – who can present a valid identity card and accept the Library’s Use Policy by signing the Entry Statement. The library can only be entered after presenting a valid membership card.

2. The registered members are entitled to use the following services free of charge: using the documents on the spot, using the cataloging software, requesting information on the library and the library system, checking out items (ones which are available for free checkout), reserving library materials, bibliographic services, computer services.

2.1 A registration fee is requested if the member wishes to use the library’s special collection of CDs, DVDs and VHSs. The prices are specified in the annex of the Library Use Policy.

3. The member- according to the governing law-needs to present the following personal data: name, mother’s name, place and date of birth, address, passport or identity card number. (If possible, we also ask our readers to state their highest completed level of education, their profession and the name of their workplace for statistic monitoring and analysis of the library usage)

4. The provided data can only be used for statistics, registration and analysis. Without the member’s written permission, the data cannot be publicized or given to a third party. The member should report changes in the data provided. If the member has a permanent and a temporary address, the correspondence address should be provided. Members will be liable to pay costs incurred by not notifying the library about the changes.

5. The registration is free of charge and valid for one year. For the usage of the special collection a registration fee is required. To check out a book, a membership card needs to be presented every time. The membership card is not transferable; the expenses incurred by misuse, made possible by transferring the card must be paid by the card’s owner. Membership card loss must be reported at the library.

6. The library may ask for a deposit from people under 25 years old without a sufficient income. (There is no need for a deposit, if the member only uses the services on the spot) Academy and university students may check out books for the first time without a deposit. Changes in the depositor’s data must be reported. The deposit is valid until recalled by the member, or when the member starts to receive a regular income and reports it at the library.

Library’s services

Main services:

-Using the documents on the spot

-Checking out certain documents

-Reservation of library materials

-Checking out books

-Information, Explanation, recommendation (Personal advice from the librarian)

-Copy service

-Bibliographical services

-Computer services

Check Out Policy:

-The check-out time is one month and one member may borrow ten books at a time.

-Magazines can be borrowed for one week. (Except the latest issue) No more than five pieces at a time.

-Audio materials – audio CDs, cassettes, disks – can be borrowed for one week, no more than three pieces at a time.

-The rental time for videotapes, DVDs, and CD-ROMs is three days. Only five pieces can be taken at a time.

-The computer usage instructions are found in the Computer Usage Instructions.

-If a book is received from another library, then the sending library’s rules are to be followed.

-Handbooks and manuals can only be used on the spot or – in several cases – checked out until the library’s next opening hours.

Additional information regarding loans:

-Library’s services can only be used with a valid membership card.

-If there are no active reservations for a loaned item, the loan can be renewed twice. Renewing items can be made in person, online or via phone. The loan cannot be extended for a third time (after the third notification has been issued) or if the item is reserved. Members will be liable to pay fines or costs (notification fee) incurred for loans that are returned late.

-To provide wider availability for the most popular items, the library may set a shorter check out time.

-If a loaned item is not returned on time, the library sends out notifications (1st, 2ndand 3rd). For the documents returned after the expiry date, the library charges a fee. The amount of the fee can be found in the appendix.