Services and fees

Keresés az oldalon

Services and fees

Free library services:

  • Information, book recommendations
  • using documents in the library
  • Borrowing (books, magazines)
  • engagement
  • reservation
  • literature study

Free computer services

  • Internet useage
  • Nava database access

Prices of paying services

Registration fee in case of:  CD-ROM 500 HUF/semester
1000 HUF/year
Registration fee in case of: Videotape 1000 HUF/semester
2000 HUF/year
Registration fee in case of: DVD 2000 HUF/semester
4000 HUF/year
Registration is valid from half to one year from the date of registration
Photocopying: mono A4: 15 HUF/ page
25 HUF/ “bilaterally”A3: 30 HUF/ page
40 HUF/ “bilaterally”color A4: 50 HUF/ page
80 HUF/ “bilaterally”A3: 100 HUF / page
150 HUF/ “bilaterally
Print Black and White 20 HUF/ page (text)
50 HUF/ page (images, graphics)
Color 100 HUF/ page (text, images / graphics under 50%)
200 HUF/ page (images, graphics above 50%)
Scan 100 HUF/ page
CD-ROM 200 HUF/ pcs
Rewritable CD-ROM 300 HUF/ pcs
CD-Writing 100 HUF/ CD
DVD 300 HUF/ pcs
Rewritable DVD 400 HUF/ pcs
DVD Burning 200 HUF/pcs
Spiral from 1-25 pages: 250 HUF
26-45 pages 300 HUF
46-65 pages 350 HUF
66-95 pages 450 HUF
96-125 pages 550 HUF
Lamination 150 HUF / page
Interlibrary booking Return fee in case of interlibrary booking [If the library sending the book is asking for a fee, the reader is obliged to pay it]

PENALTIES (DELAYS, notices, theft, vandalism)

Fee of delay

Books: 10 HUF/day/document + the postage of notices sent by the library
Magazines: 10 HUF/week/document +the postage of notices sent by the library
Videotapes: 100 HUF/day/tape
DVD: 100 HUF/day/disk
CD-ROM: 100 HUF/day/disk

Notifications: 200 HUF/notification + the price of the postage
Replacement of lost or forgotten library card: 200 HUF
Lost or damaged documents: the reader is obliged to buy another copy of the same edition. If it is not possible, the library requests the fee of copying and binding.