Computer Use Policy

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Computer Use Policy

The Vas Gereben Library of Enying (hereafter: the library) is a public library. Our services are available for everyone who respects our rules.


This policy contains rules regarding the computer usage. Computer services are available only for valid members during the adult library’s opening times. Among the members of the children’s library only the 8 graders may use the computers.


Members are only allowed to bring objects needed for taking notes into the computer room.


The library won the computers via tenders: Széchenyi Terv and eMagyarországPontok. According to the terms of the tenders, using the computers is free of charge. A fee is asked for printing, scanning, burning CD and DVDs. The librarian must be informed, and will activate the devices needed. Operating the devices is the reader’s task. The prices for using the devices are included in the Annex of the General User Guide.


The reader may use their own CD, DVD or floppy for the downloaded files, another option is to buy them at the library. The prices of CDs and DVDs are included in the Annex of the General User Guide.


Member’s own devices cannot be attached into the library’s electric power grid.


The computers can be used without prior notification. If the number of users exceeds the number of computers, the duration of use should not exceed one hour.


Members may only use the software that is already installed on the computer or download freeware software from the internet. All the expenses (copyright, technical, etc.) incurred from not following this rule is the user’s liability.


The library provides internet for the sake of granting our members the means to stay informed and follow upon their personal interest. The library’s computers are not to be used for:


– Business activity (advertising, product distribution etc.)


– Illegal activity (the unauthorized usage, modification, abuse, impairment and elimination of the network resources and the data available, the distribution of programs and information on the network that may jeopardize its safety, any activity that could be considered offensive for someone’s political, religious or any believes or could be considered upsetting etc.)


-Harassment (sending unwanted letters etc.)


– Visiting websites that go against public taste


If a member violates these rules, is no longer allowed to use our computer services.

The director of the institution may allow exceptions to these rules, on in special occasions.



Enying, 2012.02.01.